Letter from Stephen

Stephen Stills

Dear Friend,

I am writing to ask you to join me in helping young people embrace the creative spirit. The Children’s Music Project was founded to assist children in communicating their ideas through music and the arts, regardless of their ethnicity and background.

Playing music is a wonderful opportunity for young people to experience self-expression and greater self-esteem. Studies have shown that playing music enhances a young person’s ability to learn and improve their scores on SAT tests. The project’s goal is to fund and further promote existing music programs in areas that have been affected by government cutbacks. These programs are in desperate need of our assistance.

Today the Children’s Music Project works through the Tides Center and with our Board of Advisors to ensure every child can experience guidance in their lives and learn from their future mentors.

Visit our How To Donate page to become a Founding Member of my Children’s Music Project. Your generosity will assist programs where children can grow and freely express themselves in a safe environment.

These funds are vital in building the foundation for the Project. I hope you can join me.


Stephen Stills

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